FAQs for Coaches

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions are listed below.

If you have a query not covered by the list below please contact Howden by email or call 0121 698 8051.


As a coach, where does my insurance cover me?

You are covered to coach in any EHA affiliated club, competition or activity approved by the EHA.

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Is damage to my own equipment covered?

Not under the liability insurance, as you can't claim for damage to your own property.

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Why do I need Professional Indemnity cover?

Professional indemnity provides cover following negligent advice. If you are a coach with EHA, this cover will protect you in the event that an injury results from a negligent act or ommission in your coaching.

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Why do I need Libel and Slander cover?

There have been cases of members of sports clubs having disputes. Posts on websites and contained in emails could be potentially libellous, for example, and this section of cover may protect you if it is alleged that you have defamed someone else.

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What should I do if an incident occurs whilst I am coaching?

If someone is injured or their property is damaged whilst you are coaching you should report the details to Howden and EHA as soon as possible. Click here for details.

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Why do I need a £10m limit of indemnity?

We believe that £10m is the minimum amount of cover to provide you with peace of mind in the event that you were held responsible for causing a catastrophic injury to someone. We have already seen sports related claims that have exceeded £10m.

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